Welcome to the Duduk fundamentals workshop! In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the history of the Armenian Duduk. This workshop will focus on breathing techniques, posture, and embouchure, along with a series of warm-up and beginner-friendly techniques. The workshop will culminate in an Armenian tune. Playing the Duduk can evoke a meditative experience, yet also allow for a beautiful presentation of classical and folk melodies alike.

No auditions, prerequisites or sight-reading is required. This workshop is for beginners (Intermediate students are welcome). Discounted tickets are available. To inquire, please reach out via my email below.

Please note that this workshop is a benefit workshop. Given the recent tragic explosion in Beirut, all income generated from this workshop will be 100% donated to Lebanese NGOs. If you would like to know more about this effort, please visit: https://khatchmusic.com/on-lebanon

For any questions, please email me: khatchmusic@gmail.com

Thank you for exploring this beautiful instrument, and thank you for your kind support! I look forward to seeing you in class (virtually, zoom link will be provided soon).