Dear friends and supporters of my musical journey,

I, like many others, woke up to the tragedy that struck the city of Beirut and its surrounding neighborhoods on August 4th. Our families and friends living there have witnessed trauma beyond what my words can express.

Starting today, August 5th, 2020, I will use my musical platform to raise funds to donate towards disaster relief, and the work needed on rebuilding Beirut. All profits I generate from voice lessons (Armenian and Arabic singing) and Duduk woodwind lessons, along with the sale of my albums (digital or physical CDs), along with music performances, in addition to any donations that come through my website, will be 100% donated to organizations that are on the ground doing both disaster relief work, and those which will soon start the rebuilding effort. Organizations include Lebanon's Red Cross, among others, which I am learning about at the moment.

I will shortly begin putting together group classes and workshops and an online performance towards this effort. If you would like private lessons in either voice or duduk, please email me at:

With Love,

P.S. If you wish you could also directly donate to various organizations needing assistance, you can start here. Below you will find a comprehensive google drive curated list (in both English & Arabic) of how you can either help donate to the recovery effort in Lebanon, or spread the word, all broken down by specific categories. 

*Beirut blast recovery directory* 
All folders: 
Submit a service: 


*Medical aid* 

*Mental health* 

*NGO donations links* 

*Donations (food/clothes/items)* 


*Animal services* 

*Call for volunteers* 


*Legal support* 


*Repair services*


Update: So far, we have raised $3090 through my music channels, and an additional $1000 through corporate donor friend (and their matching corporate gift). Donations were sent to the Lebanese Red Cross, an emergency food aid org 'Ana Kaman', For a Happy Childhood org., Offre Joie org, and several families who had their homes destroyed from the blast. Thankful to you all!


First Benefit Workshop (08/29/2020): Meet the Duduk! More details Here.

Second Benefit Workshop (09/12/2020): Songs from Lebanon: A Benefit Vocal Workshop for Beirut. More details Here.