Voice Lessons

Strong emphasis on the vocal techniques of the Caucuses and Middle East at large. Gentle exercises to open up the voice, and an immersion into singing techniques while reaching inward with a depth of feeling. Understanding what words evoke, and how sound can narrate a journey of feelings. Strong emphasis given to singing with vulnerability, improvisational singing, and singing as catharsis.

Available languages to teach in: Armenian & Arabic

Vocal tradition inspirations: Southeast Asia, Silk Road, Caucuses, North Africa, Balkans, and Ireland.

Duduk Lessons

Structured lessons, particularly for beginners, with emphasis on finger and breathing techniques, and on playing contemporary pieces while building a suite or a repertoire. Emphasis on storytelling through the woodwind with particular attention to different sound moods of the Duduk.

Beginnings: a session of evaluation of Duduk(s) to see if tuned properly, and to assess the health of the reeds. Followed by a deep dive into breathing, posture, Duduk principles.

To inquire about lessons, please connect through the Contact tab. Thank you!