Clouds from a Crumbling Giant

Joe Goode Annex, 401 Alabama St,94110, San Francisco

"Clouds from a Crumbling Giant" revolves in the cylces governing a day, year, a lifetime. The human being returns to source. Begin again. The project combines the Daoist sage Lieh-Tzu’s observations on a “Guide to Practical Living” with theatrical performance-devising traditions rooted in the Japanese avant-garde. We are currently in phase 2 of the work (premiere in 2024/25). With Wudang West as our source, the performers practice Pai Da (a therapeutic body patting) as both health practice and performative material. Our interactions with communities of elders (through discussions, lectures and brief clinics) informs our perspectives and generates direct information for what appears on stage. Bringing in an eclectic mix of cultural and musicial references, expect song, body percussion and the rise and fall of all that exists. – distilled into a 60-minute dance-theater performance. inkBoat

inkBoat researches the interplay of multiple artistic disciplines and viewpoints, drawing primarily from the Japanese performing and martial arts, improvisational arts, and Daoist internal arts. inkBoat stage works border dance, performance art and theater, and inhabit theaters, museums, streets and abandoned spaces. Founded by Shinichi Iova-Koga in 1998, members are based in San Francisco, Luzern, New York, Paris and Berlin, performing throughout North America, Europe, South Korea and Japan. inkBoat creates performance works for the public through a collaborative artistic process. We support professional growth of students and performers in San Francisco and abroad through mentorship, classes and workshops for professionals and beginners. inkBoat has been awarded 5 Isadora Duncan Awards (Izzies): 2015's "95 Rituals" received a Special Award; 2011's "Line Between" received Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design; 2008's “c(H)ord" received Outstanding Achievement in Company Performance; 2004’s “Ame to Ame”received Outstanding Achievement in Company Performance; and 2003’s “Heavens’ Radio" received Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design.

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