Khatchadour Khatchadourian & Robert Kudrna

We have combined the ancient Armenian double reed woodwind, the Duduk, with the contemporary singing crystal bowls to produce unique music. As musicians, we let them interplay and produce melodies we found to be mysterious, yet quite natural. The Duduks and singing bowls seem made for each other.

Released on March 14, 2011

Special thanks to Franklin Miller of Leo's ProAudio, Oakland California, for his insights and technical expertise. Thanks to Natalie LoBue for introducing Robert and Khatchadour to one another. And thank you to Shea A.J. Comfort for patiently teaching Khatchadour the Duduk for the past four years.

Particular thanks to Seeroon Yeretzian for providing the cover arts. Seeroon is an artist based in southern California. To find more about her work visit

In memory of Robert Kudrna, who passed away a few months after the release of Arshaluys, the album is offered for free.

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